Introduction of Computer Networks

Hello guys and welcome back Ayush this side, today we’ll learn about some basic networking because networking is very important part in cybersecurity field and also many it field. So, let’s get into it.

What is a Network ?

A network is nothing but when two or more computers are connected with each other and they are communicating with each other then it’s a network and the process of communication between two or more computers is known as networking.

Scenario :

Suppose you are at your home and you have a wi-fi connection at home and you have connected many devices to wi-fi like your laptop, desktop, mobile phone etc so what’s this it’s a network. That’s it :)

source: smart netwok geek

In the above image you can see there is a simple home network in which you are having your router and router is connected to your ISP and switch and then there are two wireless connections like mobile phone and laptop and printer and desktop are connected through cable. So, what’s that just a simple home network also you can say it’s a LAN (Local area Network) or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). We’ll learn about LAN , WAN , MAN in upcoming articles.

Here Router and Switch are two networking devices which works together in networking for packet (data) transferring , we’ll learn all about the network devices n all and in next article we’ll learn about basics of TCP/IP Model.

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